Minister Mildred Oliphant on death of workers at Salisbury naval base

Minister of Labour Mildred Oliphant offers condolences to the six workers who died in an accident in Salisbury naval base today

The Minister of Labour regrets the loss of six lives in an accident that occurred around 11:00 today, February 17, at the Salisbury Naval Base.

The Department of Labour’s inspectors were immediately dispatched to the scene to conduct investigation to determine the cause of the accident. The accident involved inhalation of methane gas by three Department of Public Works contractors and three military officials who were trying to assist them. The contractors were conducting repairs to a pump storage in a pit of about five metres depth.

About 21 Navy officers who tried to rescue the workers were rushed to hospital as they also got affected by the gas.

The Minister wishes to assure the public that measures are currently underway to prevent further loss of lives. Investigations into the matter are currently underway.

Source: Government of South Africa.