MoICT embarks on capacity building for its staff

Lilongwe, Mana: Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) has embarked on capacity building workshops for its Editors, District Information Officers (DIOs) and Reporters to equip them with necessary skills as they journey on information dissemination.

The Ministry in conjunction with the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) on Wednesday organized a one-day workshop in Lilongwe, where they interacted with Editors, DIOs and reporters from the Central region.

Addressing the participants, Managing Editor for Malawi News Agency (Mana), Frank Nkondetseni said the interaction was important as it provided a platform for editors and reporters to interact with the management on a more professional level.

He said the training session had come at the right time when the ministry continues to build confidence in its staff, giving them a platform to air their views on different topical issues that concern them in their daily operations.

Let me thank the Ministry and MACRA for organizing such a workshop for us to interact with editors, DIOs and other reporters from the newsroom.

From This workshop, we will probably be able to listen to their concerns and brainstorm on issues pertaining to service delivery, Nkondetseni stated.

He said the Ministry is proud of a job well done by the editors and reporters.

The Managing Editors observed that despite the challenges they are facing in their operations, they have stood out to deliver the best to the nation as a whole.

He said the meeting was important as it served as an opportunity for everyone to share views and map the way forward on some of the activities and projects the ministry is undertaking in conjunction with other partners.

Let me applaud you all for the job well done. Mana as an agency is able to supply other media houses with news content as required.

I am aware that editors handle 30 plus stories a day from all districts and that most of the stories are on a daily basis being used by other outlets in the country, Nkondetseni added.

This is why we are here this morning to applaud your hardworking spirit despite all the challenges you are facing ranging from mobility, office equipment and internet, he said.

Director of Broadcast at MACRA, Fergus Lipenga said there are a lot of projects that the body is rolling out and thought it would be important to bring all those that would be involved, especially DIOs and their editors to a platform where they can interact and continue to produce the best content.

We are engaging DIOs in all the districts in several projects that MACRA is rolling out and we thought we should offer a platform, where they can share with us and their editors the challenges they are facing so that we brainstorm and iron them out in any possible way.

We wanted to brief them on several projects we are undertaking so we can together make the projects a success, he said.

According to Lipenga one of the projects is the partnering of community radios with DIOs, where the DIOs will be able to contribute content for the community radios.

He said this would contribute to effective communication and dissemination of information for social economic development.

Lipenga said he was optimistic that implementation of the projects will not be affected in any way because of resources.

He instead assured them that they will work hand in hand with the ministry to provide some of the resources for the DIOs such as laptops, recorders and other gadgets that would help in service delivery.

The Director did not disclose exactly when such equipment is to be handed over to the Ministry but said soon and urged all DIOs and other participants at the workshop to get ready for implementation of the projects.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA