Mosanto Malawi Limited to introduce a new maize seed variety

Ntcheu, Mosanto Malawi Limited says it will, by the end of this year, introduce a new maize seed variety in a bid to give farmers a wide choice of hybrid maize seed varieties which are produced by the company and sold through its agro-dealers across the country.

Speaking during a farmers’ tour at one of the company’s maize seed trial garden at Njolomole in Ntcheu, Mosanto Malawi Limited Sales Manager responsible for the south, Denis Kachikho said the company enjoys ta cordial relationship which exists between his company and farmers.

He said most farmers have been supporting the company through the buying of its products mainly improved maize seed varieties.

As a company, our interest is to see farmers plant improved maize seed varieties which can withstand the effects of climate change that include erratic rain fall, drought and prolonged dry spells, said Kachikho.

Kachikho said improved seed varieties produced by Mosanto are resistant to pests and that most of them are early and medium maturing besides being high yielding.

In view of this, the company continues to strive to produce improved maize seed varieties which give high yields which is why the company will, by the end of this year, introduce DK777 dubbed as Namwali in addition to early existing varieties which are already on the market, he said.

He explained that the new maize seed variety can yield 240 bags of maize each weighing 50 kilograms per hectare, overriding most of the maize seed varieties produced by the company which yield to a maximum of 180 bags of maize per hectare.

Kachikho then took advantage of the function to warn farmers against buying maize seed from unscrupulous agro-dealers who sell uncertified maize seed in the name of Mosanto.

From the next farming season, Mosanto Malawi Limited will be putting security features on all its seed packages so that farmers are not duped by these unscrupulous agro-dealers, said Kachikho.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Malawi News Agency after the function, one of the farmers, Shira Magaleta advised fellow farmers to refrain from using local maize seed varieties which she said take long to mature and produce low yield.

In the advent of scarcity of farming land, it is high time we started planting improved maize seed varieties which produce high yields even from a small piece of land, said Magaleta.

Mosanto Malawi Limited is famous for producing improved maize seed varieties such as DKC 80-33, DKC 81-81 and DKC 90-53 among others.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA