MP assures constituents of projects completion by 2019

Chikwawa, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Chikwawa West Constituency Kennedy Maluwa has assured his constituents that before 2019; all projects under construction in his area will be completed.

Speaking during a rally conducted at Kakoma in Senior Chief Chapananga’s area on Wednesday, Maluwa promised his constituents that all initiated projects will be completed before elections in 2019 through the use of the Community Development Fund (CDF) as well as the District Development Fund (DDF).

According to Maluwa, his area has projects in areas of; education, health as well as road construction among others.

“I have managed to do a greater part using the CDF as well as DDF where we have constructed a police unit here at Kakoma as well as at Chapasuka and Khola areas. We also constructed a school block at Tokhwe on top of the clinics in various places in the constituency,” he said.

Additionally, the MP commended Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) operating in his area for a tremendous job in the areas of; water and sanitation, health, school feeding programs as well as the cash transfer and relief food distribution exercises.

“Let me commend the concerted efforts happening in my area among the NGOs that have been implementing various projects. Apart from the efforts made in areas of health, education, water and sanitation among others, we have Epicenter 1, 2, 3 and we expect the 4th all this from Hunger Project,” said Maluwa.

He however said though such were tremendous achievements, the area still lacked doctors to manage some health centers.

In his remarks on the matter, Minister of Health, Dr Peter Kumpalume who attended the rally said the DPP led government was there to develop people’s lives and not pulling each other down.

He called on the gathering to work with the MP as well as the president for a common good, adding that his ministry was doing all it could to improve the hospitals and houses at Kakoma and Chapananga, for people to access good health services.

He promised people in Chikwawa that anytime soon government will embark on the construction of the Teachers’ Training College in the area.

“I would also like to indicate here and now that beneficiaries of various programs should not be listed based on one’s political affiliation but rather their status. We the DPP led government promote equal treatment for the benefit of every Malawian,” pointed out Kumpalume.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA