Msiro dumping site in Mzuzu to be opened in March

Plan International-Malawi has donated MK73 million for the completion of Msiro dump site at Dunduzu in Mzuzu which is scheduled to be completed and opened by March, 2017.

The donation comes after Friends of Mzuzu Community Organisation (FOMCO) recently expressed concern over Mzuzu City Council’s continued use of the Mchengautuwa dump site, posing a health threat to the surrounding communities.

Mchengautuwa residents together with FOMCO members blocked the road to Mchengautuba dumpsite and dug a deep drain to prevent city vehicles to dump rubbish at the old dumpsite.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) Wednesday, Plan International- Malawi Office Coordinator, Gomezgani Nkosi, said his organization donated the money to complete the Msiro Waste Management Project.

“By March 1st the dumpsite will be opened and will be in use. As plan Malawi, we will work with Mzuzu City Council to complete the project because what is remaining is a 50 metre-distance of fencing and side drains for running water,” he said.

Nkosi acknowledged that Mchengautuba dumpsite, which has been in use for a long time, is too close to people’s homes and that it poses a health threat to the residents.

According to Plan International-Malawi, which is assisting the city council in developing the Msiro waste management site, construction works could have been complete by now but funding was delayed, hence the delay to complete the project.

Mzuzu City Mayor who is Councilor for Mchengautuba Ward, William Mkandawire, said he was glad that finally the project would be done and that by March 1, it will be in use.

He said the completion of the new Msiro Dump site at Dunduzu will help communities in Mchengautuba to live a healthy life.

“The dumping site was becoming and is a treat to the community because it is near homes and children tend to move around to pick things dumped which is a health hazard,” he said.

Msiro Dumpsite is a project of Mzuzu City Council in conjunction with Plan Malawi being implemented with funding from European Union (EU).

In November 2015, the city council promised residents of Mchengautuwa that the dumping site would be relocated to Msiro, north of Mzuzu City by mid this year.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA