Mulanje Mountain has a new 10-year conservation Integrated Plan

Mulanje: Plans are in final stages for the magnificent Mulanje Mountain conservation to be managed by ten government departments and other private institutions, Malawi News Agency has learnt.

Deputy Director in the Forestry Department, Dr. Tembo Chanyenga revealed the development during a Mulanje District Executive Committee meeting on Thursday.

According to Dr Chanyenga, currently, conservation of the mountain is solely the responsibility of the Forestry Department.

However, the new plan will see ten departments and private institutions directly linked to the mountain working in collaboration in terms of service delivery to conserve the mountain.

“Let me point out that this is the first time an integrated plan like this one is being formulated in the country and in Africa in general.

As such, we will make sure that every sector that benefits from the mountain is part of the conservation team, for instance, you cannot have water without trees and in that way, those that are getting water from the mountain should see to it that they have a certain role in conserving the mountain since it is giving them businesses,” explained Dr Chanyenga.

The deputy director further said the integrated plan will also assist in having Mount Mulanje declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, hence urging relevant stakeholders to work together so that the plan is fulfilled.

The Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT) is also spearheading the activity.

The 10-year plan currently being finalized will run through to 2029 and Forestry, Energy, Water Development, Tourism and Culture are among the key government departments that will be involved.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA