Mutharika stuns religious leaders with knowledge of Holy Scriptures

Mangochi, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Monday stunned a cross section of religious leaders with his deep knowledge of the Holy Scriptures from both the Bible and Quoran.

Mutharika displayed his remarkable prowess of the two Holy Books when he made references from the two books during an audience with religious leaders drawn from the Eastern Region at Chikoko Bay in Mangochi.

For starters, the President made reference to Psalms 111 verses 10 before turning to the Quoran Chapter 19 Surah 96 in his address to the eminent men and women of different religious denominations during the meeting.

“If you read Psalms 111 you’ll see that God speaks to mankind on the need to honour the Lord to become wise and he who gives sound judgment to all who obey his commands.

“While the Quoran Chapter 19 the same Allah talks about those who believe and do righteous works, the compassionate shall assign for them affection and will have a free mind,” Mutharika recited.

According to Mutharika, his astute articulation of the Holy Scriptures is a result of his spiritual orientation acquired during his childhood days.

“We used to go to CCAP Sunday School at Ulongwe in Mulanje where my mother used to teach.

“As if that was not enough, the whole family on my father’s side is of Muslim background and during my 30 years in the US, I went to the Catholic Church because of my late former wife who insisted that we should raise our children in that way,” Mutharika said.

Mutharika, therefore, challenged the clergy in the country to rise above the pulpit to inculcate a spirit of integrity to address the increasing moral decadence.

He lamented that Malawians were abusing the insurgence of social media to insult the privacy of others as experienced in the recent past, saying the Presidency and his family members have been a victim of such immorality.

The Malawian leader however asked religious leaders to foster continued cooperation among diverse sects for the benefit of the country’s progression.

“On our part we will remain on course and determined on development. As I have said before, I don’t fear anybody. I only fear God or Allah Almighty because it is the same Lord who put me here,” he said.

Mutharika added that much as religious leaders were supposed to work on people’s spiritual needs, they were also required to support government in its development programmes.

“I have been to the mountain top and I know what it takes; slowly we’ll achieve the much needed development for the benefit of people in this country,” he assured the religious leaders urging them to feel free to make suggestions on how government should be run.

In his remarks, Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Apostle Timothy Khoviwa observed that since ascending to the throne, the President has done a number of things to unite the country including interacting with religious leaders across the country.

“Many a time, you have opened up to all the clergy and conducted meetings whose purpose is to draw development plans together to take the country forward,” said Khoviwa who is also founder and president of Word Faith Temple International said.

Commenting on the same, Bishop of Christian Pentecostal Church (CPC), Peter Likagwa said Mangochi which was regarded as a boiling point for religious violence has now been united through the dynamic leadership of the current administration.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA