Mzuzu City Council identifies 400 plots for disaster victims

Mzuzu City Council (MCC) has identified 400 plots on safer ground for people who were affected by floods and those living in disaster-prone areas within the city for them to build their houses on, in a bid to protect them from the same.

The city’s gesture follows the April, 2016 floods in Masasa and Mchengautuwa which claimed at least six lives and destroyed several houses and property.

It was observed that most families affected by the floods were those residing in disaster-prone areas and that their houses were too weak to withstand the floods and rain storm.

“The council needed about 1000 plots, but we’ve currently managed to create 400 plots,” saidMCC’s Desk Officer for Disaster, Felix Namakhuwa, in an interview with Malawi News Agency on Monday.

He said what happened in April, 2016 provided a lesson to authorities such that the City Council has prepared a budget and tents in anticipation for similar incidents.

According to Namakhuwa, the plots have been identified in safer places not very far from areas that are not suitable for settlement.

However, the City Council official did not give the exact location of the plots. He said the council is working hand in hand with the Department of Lands to identify more plots on which people can build their houses.

He said the council is only responsible for identifying the plots but the residents of Mzuzu living in disaster-prone areas will have the opportunity to purchase such plots and settle on them.

“The council is not equipped enough to support the construction of the houses. The best we can do is to create a place for people to live,” Namakhuwa said.

He said most houses in the disaster-prone areas in Mzuzu City are poorly constructed; a situation he said should make them to be cautious on their own.

Nevertheless, it remains to be known whether those who had their houses destroyed by the disaster in April, 2016 will be able to purchase the plots, let alone construct the houses on the identified plots.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA.