No reverse fame gospel artist back with a single track

Lilongwe: Blantyre based upcoming solo gospel musician who has captured the countries airwaves and occasions with the current, Nigerian-Malawian like gospel song, ‘No Reverse’ and ‘Daily’, Shammah Vocals will release a new single track.

Shammah Vocals whose real name called Shammah Stollah has confirmed to Malawi News Agency (Mana) Sunday in an interview about the new release single track titled ‘Miracle’ which carries the massage of miraculous in the month end of April.

The new release track titled ‘Miracle’ will be talking about surprises as in a person is praying to God for miracles and wonders.

The life without wonders is difficult and we can’t survive hence we need miracles from Supernatural being [God], observed the No reverse fame artist.

Shammah ventured into music in 2011 and has one album to his name titled ‘Yesu amakukhala’ which was released in September 2016 with other tracks like Kalondolondo, Mkhristu-wa-Sunday, Amayankha, only you, Chikondi, wonderful God, Suwiti and again.

In 2017, he released a single track titled ‘No reverse’ which is striking the airwaves in the country with energetic vibes and power.

The ‘No reverse’ hit singer said is confident that his fans and all gospel music followers abroad would like the new track saying the song will carries a special anointing to heal and deliver people from their bondages.

People should expect receiving their double portions from Jehovah the highest God through this track because it will carry a certain supernatural anointing, Shammah boosted up on how influential the track it will be.

He urged his fans to receive the new track with pride by purchasing and downloading it, saying it would soon be in hard copies and online music stores.

This track is recreation and God will move away mountains [difficulties] of people through this track. It will be available on, the ‘Daily’fame singer highlighted.

Shammah said people should expect more anointing songs in 2018 that would be stand out and carry message of psalms.

I will release a single track this year titled ‘Zikomo Yesu’ in which I have featured Khama Khwiliro and also Stevie wazisomo Muliya Shammah pointed out.

The newly released ‘Miracle’ song will be produced by Andrew Michembo aka Jay Emm with 97 records studio in Machinjiri, Area 8, Blantyre and the backing vocalist is Alinafe Mndolo.

Am making sure that the concepts are well organised and well-shaped so that people should appreciate and agree to take the massage easily, he said.

Jay Emm who is also the manager of Shammah promises good productions and live performance from Shammah. Saying quality matters a lot so they want to bring new face of music to Malawi, like blending Nigerian with Malawian type of gospel.

We arranged to record and release few videos last year but this year people should expect more videos, and people will start having access to his music in form of CDs and DVDs soon, the Manager assured.

The producer of 97 records studio said new release ‘miracle’ track will be a combination of highly combined exclusive, good and international standard song which will not only entertain the fans but also make them feel and live the gospel.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA