Nsanje DHO engages Mozambican counterpart in cholera prevention

Mutarara, Mozambique Nsanje District Health Team has put extra effort by engaging Mozambican Health Officials in the quest to control cholera disease which normally originates from the neighbouring country.

Nsanje District Medical Officer, Dr Alfonsina Ndembera who led the team to Mutarara Mozambique, on Saturday said they thought of engaging their counterparts so that they share knowledge and experience on how best they can control the spread of cholera outbreaks in both districts.

She said most of the times when cholera cases are reported in Mozambique, Nsanje district is always at risk of the outbreak hence the need to work in coordination so that the outbreak is controlled in its initial stages.

Nsanje district is one of the districts in the country which is prone to cholera out breaks. It has come to our attention that most of the time when the district records cholera cases; it means our counterparts in the neighbouring country are experiencing the same.

For instance, in the month of January this year, Nsanje district recorded six cases of cholera of which two were proved to be positive. All of these cases were from our neighbouring district in Mozambique. So, we saw it wise to engage our colleagues and see how best way we can coordinate so that we control the possible cholera outbreaks, Ndembera explained.

During the meeting which took place in Mutarara, the two counterparts from the bordered districts of Malawi and Mozambique agreed to be vigil in the fight against cholera outbreaks which has been terrorising the two districts.

She said she was satisfied with the outcome of the engagement as several agreements were made in an effort to control the outbreak.

Ndembera explained that, We have agreed to intensify borderline community interventions, have regular communication between Nsanje and Mutarara health workers, share the common cholera interventions along the bordering communities so that cholera outbreak should be the thing of the past for both districts.

She pointed out that, We have agreed to ensure that every household should have a toilet and be able to know how best they can use it. On this, we have agreed that traditional leaders should be asked to tell their subjects to have pit latrines.

Even when cholera outbreak is reported in one of the districts, health officials should be able to share the information so that they do a combined effort to control further spread.

Mutarara District Hospital Medical Officer. Patricio Geloiliwou Vasco assured Malawian counterparts of their commitment in working hand in hand with Nsanje district in their quest to control cholera cases in both districts.

He said they are always ready to share notes so that cholera could be controlled in both districts.

We are very happy for the initiative from our counterparts in Nsanje Malawi. We should acknowledge that there has been no much coordination among us in the fight against the cholera. But now with the meeting we had, I am very sure that things will go better for both of us in controlling the existence of cholera in our districts.

We will even try to ensure that we coordinate well with our Malawian counterparts so that we control the disease from further existence in our two districts, Vasco added.

Source: MANA Online