Ntcheu Police arrest seven suspected thugs

Ntcheu, Police in Ntcheu are keeping in custody seven suspected thugs who have allegedly been attacking motorists at Kachipeya area along Ntcheu-Dedza M1 road during night.

There have been reports of series of attacks at kachipeya in Ntcheu whereby motorists travelling along M1 road, have for a long time been targeted by people who block the road with big rocks, and sometimes with heavy plunks of trees with the aim of robbing them.

Ntcheu Police Spokesperson, Hastings Chigalu, identified the seven suspects as Paul Pasiford 57, Medas Sungani 26; both from Hauya village, Sympathy Mcford 21, Fanuel Samson 16 and Nepias Samson 20; from Kamko village and Geoffrey Laston 17 and Felix Laston 19, from Kachipeya village in the area of TA Chakhumbira in the district.

Chigalu said many motorists lost valuable property after being attacked by thugs around the area.

There have been reports of serious attacks of people around that area which resulted into some individuals getting hurt with panga knives, being robbed off their property as well as damaging vehicles, said Chigalu.

He told the Malawi News Agency (Mana) that Police has been patrolling the area every night since such kind of reports started in January 2017, beside conducting awareness campaigns in surrounding villages.

“However, the problem seemed to have been very difficult to deal with as it kept on occurring despite all our efforts,”

Just last month, we also received some reports that the attacks had started again and the Police has this time around took further steps towards making sure that the problem is solved once and for all, he said.

Meanwhile, the suspects have been charged with intentionally endangering lives of people travelling by road which contravenes section 237 of the Penal Code.

The suspects will appear in court soon to answer the charge leveled against them.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA