Ntchisi District Council to start leasing land by July

Ntchisi: Ntchisi District Council plans to lease land in health facilities and schools under it by July, 2018, Malawi News Agency (MANA) has established.

The development has come amid increasing cases of encroachment within the facilities’ premises. The District Council’s Heath Service Committee Chair, Councilor Davie Nkhukuzalowa said during a full council meeting that people have of late been encroaching on land under the health facilities.

He said the situation is getting out of hand and the only solution is to lease the land and have deed documents.

Malomo Health Centre is one of the facilities whose part of land has been encroached by businessmen at the rural growth centre, Nkhukuzalowa observed.

The Health Service Committee Chairperson appealed for construction of toilets at a market behind the District Hospital saying most traders use the hospital’s toilets.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Joshua Malango said in an interview early this year that protecting land in health facilities in districts lies within the jurisdiction of district councils since they are their property following decentralization.

He said the Ministry is only responsible for protecting land in central hospitals. In a related development, the Council’s Education Service Committee Chair, Councilor Steven Mandolo announced during the meeting that the council intends to lease land in schools under it due to encroachment.

Ntchisi LEA School is one such example which has lost most of its land to businessmen at the boma, and the only way to deal with the problem is to lease the land, he disclosed.

District Education Manager (DEM) for Ntchisi, Votie Mboweni observed that most of the lands where the schools are constructed were verbally offered by chiefs with no documentation at all.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA