Ntchisi trains its refs

Rural football referees need to acquire all the skills of football officiation for the development of soccer from the grassroots Sports Officer for Ntchisi District Thandikire Banda has said.

Banda said at the weekend, during the closing of a week-long referees training in Ntchisi which attracted referees from 12 zones of the district.

“Referees from rural areas need to know the rules of the game. As rules keep changing there was a need for the referees to be moving with the world by giving them trainings now and again,” she said.

She said well-trained referees help the rural teams to also understand the rules thereby developing their capacity in soccer.

Added Banda: “Knowledge of soccer rules goes down to remote areas through trained referees. These teams can ably compete at district and regional competitions when they understand the rules better.”

The referees’ instructor, McGaven Mpeni, who facilitated the training, said most rural referees had problems to officiate football due to limited knowledge of rules of the game.

“I have taken them through the 17 rules of the game emphasizing on rule 11 and 12 which talk [about] offside and fouls and misconduct on the pitch. The trained referees would help to produce better teams from the rural areas that understand the rules,” said Mpeni.

He said the football game is mostly spoiled by poor officiation which results from unqualified referees. He said the football game would develop in Malawi if most referees in the districts were trained.

Source: Malawi News Agency