Nyamira Hosts 12 Counties To Benchmark On Their Children Policy And PWDs Act 2023

Nyamira County is hosting 12 counties for a peer to peer exchange forum to learn from its Child Policy 2023 and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Act 2023.

Governor Amos Nyaribo while officially opening the forum at Viongozi pastoral center in Nyamira stated that it is through cordial collaborations and efforts that communities, counties and nations grow and develop and therefore urged the visiting counties to make best use of the exchange forum and pick best practices which they can domestic in their home counties to come up with Child policies and PWD Acts.

‘For the two day’s that you will be around, you’ll have an opportunity to learn the processes, negotiations, give and take approaches that enabled us to have these two documents within the same year. We are also looking forward to picking up various experiences from your counties, learning and adapting more efficient implementation modalities of our Child Policy and PWD Act.’ said the Governor

Nyaribo affirmed that he supported the process of the two do
cuments because of the many benefits it will accord Nyamira residents noting that investing in children now by safeguarding their rights is an assurance of a bright future for them, the more reason why their well-being should be jealously guarded. Further he observed that the PWD are the world’s largest marginalized group revealing that in Nyamira alone there are 17,549 PWDs.

‘These marginalized groups grapple with stigma and poverty due to outright discrimination by the community. The PWD Act therefore provides for the establishment of a board that will ensure their rights are protected and empower the county government to allocate resources towards programs that will support them thereby accelerate the disability affirmative action of inclusivity and opportunities for everyone for a robust economic growth.’ He confirmed.

The county Boss noted that the process did not fall short of challenges and thus the forum would give delegates from participating counties a platform to share challenges encountered and
receive advice and possible solutions to help fast track the implementation process.

‘Since it’s a peer-to-peer learning forum, we are also looking forward to hearing from your counties. For those who have started the process to have a similar Act or Policy, we are eager to hear if you have probably found a shorter or easier way that we can adopt, offer each other advice and possible solutions to challenges to help fast track the process to its end.’ The Governor said

Nyaribo commended the relentless support by partners in enabling counties to realize the aspirations of devolution especially those that benefit vulnerable households in communities. He thanked partners from Changing The Way We Care (CTWWC) who tirelessly supported them through thick and thin till the county realized the formation of the Child policy 2023 and PWD Act 2023. He requested them to continue with the partnerships in programmes geared towards improving the lives of the people of Nyamira and beyond.

Nyanza regional director for child
ren services, Jemin Konyango commended Nyamira County for their initiative of ensuring that the vulnerable groups in the society are protected by law and a budget allocated to ensure their programmes are implemented.

‘Leaders who ensure all their subject’s needs are met exponentially grow their economies and grow a happy society. I congratulate Nyamira Governor for his support of the vulnerable and marginalized people in his county which has compelled other counties to come and learn so they can equally implement the same in their respective counties because they have realized that it’s only through legislation that affirmative action by governments can be achieved.’ Said Konyango.

Mr. Timon Mainga, the program manager at Catholic Relief Services (CRS) implementing Changing The Way We Care (CTWC) programe in Nyamira appreciated the Governor for giving them an opportunity to support them during the formulation of the Child Policy and Persons With Disability (PWDs) Act which are now bearing fruit.’We are exci
ted as partners to have collaborated and networked to this end. The synergy between Nyamira government and partners has been seamless. The teamwork was commendable and we promise to continue this partnership and support to ensure that we alleviate the vulnerable members of our society from suffering.

The 12 counties participating in the two-day peer to peer learning forum in Nyamira county include; include Kisii, Kisumu, Siaya, Migori, Bungoma, Homabay, Vihiga, Busia, Kakamega, Kilifi, Kakamega and Mombasa.

Source: Kenya News Agency