Nyika Media Club aids Mzuzu Urban Health Centre

As one way of reaching out to underprivileged people during this festive season, Nyika Media Club (NMC) on Friday cheered patients at Mzuzu Urban Health Centre with a donation of assorted items and sanitary equipment.

Speaking in an interview, NMC General Secretary, Emanuel Loya said they decided to reach out to the health facility after realizing the numerous challenges it encounters in its operations just like other health facilities as reported by the media.

As journalists, there are a lot of concerns that we broadcast and publish coming from different news sources in which they call for all Malawians of good will including journalists to come to their rescue.

” This is therefore, why NMC is donating these assorted items worth over K80 thousand so as to communicate to our fellow journalists across the country to practice inclusive society which in turn will create a strong bond between journalists and news sources,” said Loya.

The GS further said their donation targeted 30 beneficiaries in which 17 had just given birth and the rest were expectant women.

“We have managed to give out soap, baby diapers, wrappers (zitenje) and some sanitary equipment to be shared by mothers who have just given birth and others who are expectant,” added Loya.

Apart from the donation, NMC also did some general cleaning which involved slashing, sweeping and mopping around the health centre.

Deputy Nurse in Charge Midwifery, Tandamula Chipofya hailed NMC for the kind gesture towards the health facility.

Chipofya said the initiative is encouraging as it is complementing the Ministry of Health’s provision known as Quality Management Directorate which among others, targets infection prevention by patients and health care workers.

“So you will see that the donated items will help in meeting the targets of the Quality Management Directorate since hygiene standards will be improved by such a gesture,” said Chipofya.

Source: MANA Online