‘Obey posting regulations’ – New doctors told

Professor Stephen Tabiri, the Dean, School of Medicine at the University for Development Studies, has advised health practitioners to go by posting guidelines of the Medical and Dental Council (MDC).

Professor Tabiri encouraged them to resist the temptation to interrupt postings because it could negatively affect their career development.

He gave the advice in his address to 508 newly qualified medical doctors and dentists at an induction ceremony organised by the MDC-GH on Saturday.

The Dean also advised them to be guided by the ethics of the medical profession and not hesitate to seek help from their superiors and the Council when faced with challenges.

‘Do not forget about the Medical and Dental ethics…when in doubt, please consult your trainers and mentors. The Medical and Dental Council will help you to surmount these problems. Feel free to consult your trainers for guidance,’ he said.

He also urged the young doctors to show interest in the activities of the Ghana Medical Association because it would be helpful for their mentorship and direction.

Prof Paul Kwame Nyame, the Chairman of the Medical and Dental Council, Ghana, cautioned them against practicing solely for profit.

He asked them to be willing to serve the public anywhere.

‘Junior doctors must recognise that referring a patient for another facility or specialist is not a business transaction that may attract a commission…it is wrong to insist that a patient should go to a particular facility for an investigation, unless that facility is the only source for the examination or quality and standard required.

‘We must be willing to serve where we are needed. We must be slow and circumspect in abandoning the ship for greener pastures, when there is some turbulence in the ship of state’, he stated.

The over 500 inductees consist of doctors and dentists drawn from key tertiary institutions across the country.

Source: Ghana News Agency