Paramount Chief Kawinga cautions on chieftaincy wrangles

Mangochi, Royal families in the country have been encouraged to explore indigenous knowledge to solve any succession differences to their traditional leadership whenever a chief passes on.

Paramount Chief Kawinga made the remarks on Tuesday in his eulogy to Traditional Authority (TA) Katuli who passed away on Monday at Mangochi District Hospital after succumbing to a renal failure.

The Yao leader said family members have a lot of information on the lineage and origins including who is the rightful heir to the throne in case of death of the incumbent leader.

Don’t rush to the courts in the process of identifying the next heir to the throne because in my view, best lawyers to handle chieftaincy wrangles are found within the royal family and chiefs councilors. In fact, chieftainship court battles are not in the interest of the people we serve since they derail development, he said.

Kawinga said the Yao Community and the nation as a whole were heartbroken at the news of the death of TA Katuli who was an advocate of Yao culture and values.

He pointed out that there were at least 70 Yao chiefs and that with the death of Katuli the number has droped, thereby affecting activities of the Yaos.

The Paramount Chief advised the bereaved family to avoid bickering during the mourning period and allow the due process of succession to take its course.

He appealed to the district council to avoid bringing confusion by allowing every Jim and Jack to represent the royal family in council activities as they await replacement.

It is my desire that development activities will continue to flourish. The caretaker should ensure that there is always peace and harmony, he emphasized.

In his eulogy, Member of Parliament (MP) for Mangochi Masongola Rashid Pemba said the late TA Katuli was development conscious recollecting that during his reign he had increased the number of village development committees from 11 to 47 and established villages from 60 to 108 to allow development to flourish in the spirit of decentralization.

He said the inception of multiparty politics in the country cannot be discussed without mentioning the name of Katuli since he stood firm and challenged all the forces to pave way for the introduction of democracy.

Traditional Authority Katuli has been on the throne since 1996 and is survived by three wives, four children and 11 grand children. He was 81.

Some notable figures who attended the burial ceremony included Lichinga Province District Commissioner of Mozambique, Fernandez Antonio, and TA Katuli of Mozambique.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA