Paramount Chief M’mbelwa V takes a swipe at political partisan faith leaders

Mzimba, Paramount Chief M’mbelwa V of Mzimba has urged faith leaders in the country to refrain from meddling in politics to uphold their integrity in the society.

M’mbelwa warned that when religious leaders who are held in high esteem in the society meddle into the country’s political affairs, besides risk losing their integrity, they also propagate divisions among Malawians.

He was speaking Wednesday at Manyamula Trading Centre in Mzimba District, where President Peter Mutharika conducted a whistle stop rally.

M’mbelwa remarks came in the wake of recent development when some faith leaders imposed aspiring candidates on their faithfuls to vote for during the May 21, Tripartite Elections.

He said it was a grave mistake for men of God to actively participate in political affairs of the country because by so doing they perpetrate disunity among Malawians since their denominations are patronized by members of different political parties.

The Chief added that faithfuls with inclination to different political parties have a right to vote for leaders of their choice, regardless of which Church or Mosque they belong to.

Imposing an aspiring political candidate on the faithfuls is not only a potential factor to confuse the faithfuls but also to create breeding environment for disunity in the churches and Mosques, M’mbelwa explained.

He reminded faith leaders that their divine responsibility is to evangelize righteousness and moral uprightness to their flocks so that they can easily access God’s Kingdom.

Faith leaders’ sole responsibility is to guide people on spiritual matters in line with God’s willingness and not to be masters of earthly things like politics, M’mbelwa said.

The Ngoni Chief said that they are the same leaders who have always accused traditional leaders for meddling in active politics.

When religious leaders direct their faithfuls who to vote for, are they not meddling in active politics? he queried.

Recently, the media was awash with news of some denominations mentioning names of presidential candidates to be voted for and this was followed by a pastoral letter which attracted mixed reactions from Malawians.

Mutharika said his government would continue providing social amenities to all Malawians across the country as his obligation in fulfilling DPP’s development agenda towards transforming the nation.

He said by fulfilling the development he was not aiming at drumming up political support for his party.

My government is executing various types of development projects in all the regions to improve the living standards of Malawians who have persevered hardships for decades. I am not doing this to win political mileage as elections are around the corner, Mutharika said.

He cited the newly commissioned Integrated Water Supply Project, Mombera University, Edingeni Road which re under construction as some the projects which taken place in the district.

The President took to task opposition political parties which he blamed for frustrating government’s development efforts.

Mutharika visited the northern region in his campaign trail to woo the electorate to give the DPP led government another mandate to run the country.

Source: MANA Online