Parents who face hardships are more likely to abuse their children – Social Welfare

Mzuzu, Department of Social Welfare for Mzuzu City says hardships that parents face in the country trickle down to children hence the need for employers ensure that they reduce their employees’ hardships.

“Trend has shown that parents who are stressed at work are more likely to abuse their children. It is therefore important for employers to treat their workers well to ensure children’s rights are protected, said Mzuzu City Social Welfare Officer, Edward Chisanga during commemoration of The Day of the African Child.

Chisanga also said despite different organizations sending messages to the masses against child abuse, a recent survey by government done in 17 districts revealed that 65 out of every 100 cases of child abuse happens at home.

“It is sad to know that the home which is considered the safest place for a child is where most abuses are taking place,” he said.

While concurring with Chisanga, Mzuzu City Mayor, Councillor William Mkandawire, asked parents to champion safety of every child.

I am personally disappointed with parents who abandon their children because it is their responsibility to look after them. I therefore, plead with all parents; let us all hold hands and protect our children,” he said.

The event which was commemorated under the theme Accelerating protection, empowerment and equal opportunity for children in Malawi began with a solidarity match from Mzuzu Education Division car park led by pupils from different schools in the city accompanied by police officers and Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA