People of Senior Chief Kuluunda to hold vigils against their chief

Concerned people from senior chief Kuluunda in salima district have arranged to have a vigil against the administration of their chief, who they say is not fair in handling matters.

According to a letter that Mana has seen on Monday, the vigils are set to take place at the District Commissioners office from the 18th of April 2016.

Commenting on the issue, Secretary for the Vigil Kingsley Juma stated that they are holding the vigils as they have waited for so long without being helped by the local government and all the concerned parties.

“We have talked about this issue for so long and we are tired of it, we cannot keep on hiding our anger towards this issue, it is high time we show them how we are feeling.

“The first time we came here they told as they have taken the issue to the Ministry of local Government and Rural Development and that we should wait for action, we cannot allow dying with patience, it is high time the president has to do something on this matter,” said juma.

According to section 38 of the constitution of the republic of Malawi, the citizens of the country are mandated to have a peaceful and free demonstration to issues that are affecting them and those that do not meet their needs.

“we have gone through all the necessary procedures to have a vigil, we have gone through the Dc’s office, the police and all the stakeholders involved have been given letters to be aware of the issue happening,” said Juma.

This will be the second time that people from Senior Chief Kuluunda gather at the DC’s office to have a vigil, they also gathered to show displease of their chief in February 2016.

Source: Malawi News Agency