Police arrest 27 people over alleged blood sucking saga in the north

Northern Region Police has arrested 27 people for allegedly being perpetrators of crime and violence leading the deaths of three people taking advantage of alleged blood sucking myth in the region.

According to Northern Region Police Publicist, Peter Kalaya said the people were arrested through intelligence-driven Police operations and rapid-response mechanisms.

“It has been noted with concern that in the past two weeks, some individuals have resorted to mob justice this blood sucking myth.

“Roads were being blocked, people being attacked with their property vandalised for being suspected to have been blood suckers or harboring the alleged blood suckers,” he said.

Kalaya said investigations and arrests would continue to bring to book all those involved in these acts.

“As Police, we strongly warn against this uncivilized behaviour and remind everyone that those involved in mob justice will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly,” he added.

Kalaya said Malawians are supposed to report to their nearest Police formation of any suspected person for being a blood sucker for proper investigations.

“We are reminding people that it is wrong to spread false rumours on matters of security as they instill unfounded fear in people,” he said.

As of now all the 27 suspects have been remanded in various prisons across the region pending to appear before court of law to answer various charges depending on the roles they played in the crimes they were involved in.

Source: MANA Online