Police expresses concern over rising cases of GBV

Mangochi Police Station Victim Support Unit has expressed concern with the increasing number of cases of gender based violence being reported to the station on a daily basis.

Mangochi Police Station Victim Support Unit Coordinator, Gift Kaloti expressed the concern on Saturday in an interview with the Malawi News Agency in line with the 16 days of activism on gender based violence the country is observing.

She said the police continue to receive reports of gender based violence (GBV) despite embarking on mass community sensitization meetings against perpetrators the malpractice.

“We have been conducting sensitization meetings with members of different communities but it remains a big challenge because from January to October this year (2016) we have registered 390 cases of GBV,” Kaloti said.

She disclosed that the Victim Support Unit mostly deals with cases of divorce, family abandonment and family misunderstandings.

“Even though it seems there is little impact on people’s lives, our office will continue conducting sensitization meetings especially now that we are in 16 Days of Activism where we tell people to desist from gender based violence,” said Kaloti.

The Officer said the Victim Support Unit is also working with the Social Welfare department, Plan Malawi and Youth Net and Counseling to deal with cases that need redress.

“We also receive tips from the general public particularly from neighbourhood watch agents who are able to report to the GBV section and to village headmen who recognize the existence of VSU,” she added.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA.