Police says VSU respects human dignity

Blantyre, The victim support unit interventions at every police station play a vital role in addressing Gender Based Violence (GBV)-related cases in a very ethical and confidential manner as opposed to other platforms.

Coordinator for Victim Support Unit for Chilomoni Police station, Inspector Seraphine Saidi disclosed this Monday in an interview with the Malawi News Agency (MANA) in Blantyre.

GBV-related cases that are civil in nature are well handled by police VSU. If parties refer such cases to courts of law, they are sent back to police for VSU interventions. This is because the VSU tackles such cases in a very ethical and confidential manner possible to protect victim’s dignity, said Saidi who added that the police believe in professionalism.

Issues of dignity are further compromised when GBV cases are handled by ‘marriage counselors since some of them have ‘slippery tongues,’ capable of disclosing issues to the public that are considered confidential, she said.

So to run away from embarrassment, Saidi urged Chilomoni residents to make use of VSU platform when faced with civil matters or GBV related cases.

The Coordinator mentioned woman battering, unfaithfulness, property grabbing and family abandonment as the most rampant GBV cases happening in the area.

Inspector Saidi observed that some husbands completely abandon their matrimonial families for concubines where they spend every penny available at their disposal.

Some men are forced into usury [katapila] just to please the concubines at the expense of their legally married wives. This is bad, she added.

Inspector Saidi therefore hoped that through sensitization meetings the station holds in the area, GBV cases would go down.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA