Poor sanitation at KU Market

Kasungu, People in Kasungu have expressed their dissatisfaction with poor sanitation at Kasungu main market.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (Mana) in an interview, one of the people who use the market Japhet Banda said the piling garbage is a health hazard.

“The hygiene aspect of the market is neglected. The workers sweep the market but it takes time to remove garbage because there are no dumping sites. The municipal council is not concerned with our health, Banda said.

Another user, Davie Ziba, complained of toilets saying they don’t serve the market well.

The market only has five toilets against a very big population that use the market. Mostly the toilets are not very well taken care of,” said Ziba.

The chairperson of the market Bannet Sanudi said he and his committee have been reporting the unsanitary condition to Kasungu Municipal Council but nothing has changed.

“We have been going to the municipal council with issues of the toilet mainly the toilet near the tavern but they say they will maintain but we don’t see any change. Tools like bins, rakes and shovels used to clean the market are not enough. That’s why this market is unclean, said Sanudi.

Kasungu Municipal Council Spokesperson Martin Kadyakapita said the toilets have been privatised.

“We will talk to those running the toilets to make sure that the toilets are always clean. If they don’t change, we will have to take over. We are also planning to find a dumping site where all the garbage will be dumped. We also plan to buy new bins, rakes and wheelbarrows to help our workers in cleaning the market, said Kadyakapita.

The council collects a fair share of its revenue from the Kasungu Market.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA