President Mutharika hails Anglican Church for development initiatives

Mangochi: President Arthur Peter Mutharika has hailed the Anglican Church for complementing government in its development efforts in the health, education and energy sector, among others.

Speaking Saturday at Malindi in Mangochi District during commemoration of 120 years of St. Martin’s Hospital of the Anglican Church, President Mutharika described the Anglican Church as government’s long-term development partner.

I’m very happy that the Anglican Church is development conscious and I appreciate that the Church continues to give the best services ever in the areas of health and education in the country, Mutharika said.

He said government would do everything to support the church’s health and education structures to ensure that people in the country continue to get the best social services they deserve.

As partners, we are making real progress in improving health services in this country. We are reducing the number of deaths of women associated with pregnancy and child birth.

We are reducing the number of deaths of children under the age of five years from preventable causes, Mutharika said.

We are reducing the number of deaths from high burden infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, among others, he added.

Mutharika further said together with the church, government had improved the life expectancy of Malawians from 37 to 62 years since 2004.

However, the President said he was aware of the challenges that the Christian Hospitals Association of Malawi (CHAM) had in terms of equipment and human resources, pledging that government would ensure to find solutions.

For all the challenges to do with the healing ministry of the Church, I’m glad that Minister of Health and Population Services, Honourable Atupele Muluzi is here and he has taken note of the concerns.

Having toured the maternity ward, I have seen the good services that the institution is offering and I, together with the First Lady, we are donating K5 million to the hospital, Mtutharika said.

The President also described Malindi as a historical place in the country and that he had emotional connection to the place through late Henry Masauko Chipembere who came from the area.

Mutharika described Chipembere as a ‘brilliant and charismatic’ leader who fought against oppression during the early years of the one party regime in the country.

To honour Chipembere for his fight, Mutharika announced that government would consider erecting a monument for the Malindi freedom fighter right at Malindi.

This celebration tells us that whatever we see in this country, there is a history behind it. There is a beginning for everything.

But very often, we take things for granted because we do not care about where we are coming from. We take what we have for granted, he said.

We take everything for granted because we do not often care about those who struggle and suffer for things we have and now enjoy, Mutharika added.

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire, the Right Reverend Brighton Vita Malasa, hailed Mutharika for gracing the commemoration saying his presence demonstrated government’s commitment to the Church’s healing ministry.

Malasa further said the Anglican Church would continue supporting government efforts in providing good health, education and other services to the people.

We are establishing radio and TV stations, building a Cathedral for the Upper Shire Diocese, constructing houses and offices to raise funds through rent and establishing a solar plant at Malosa for agricultural activities.

The solar plant at Malosa will generate 10 megawatts and, out of this power, eight megawatts will be added to the national power grid while two megawatts will be used for the agricultural activities at Malosa, Bishop Malasa said.

The commemoration for St. Martin’s 120 years of healing services was held under the theme: ‘Go and do likewise.’

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA