Renovation of ‘Nandos’ traffic light awaits construction works completion

Pedestrians and Motorists in Blantyre have to wait a little while longer for the damaged Blantyre Nandos (former) traffic lights to be renovated the Malawi News Agency (MANA) has learnt.

One of the traffic light poles tipped over during heavy rains in 2015 and according to the Blantyre City Council (BCC) they are waiting for construction works happening adjacent to the street lights to be completed before the street light pole is renovated.

BCC Public Relations Manager (PRM) Anthony Kasunda told MANA on Monday that the council is waiting for the construction site to be done to re-erect the pole.

However, the situation is proving a nuisance to most city dwellers who are finding the place congested and unsafe.

One Motorist, Agness Ngalawa bemoaned the traffic lights absence especially during peak hours when everyone is rushing to work or home such that there is always a clush between motorists and pedestrians since there is no control.

“In this situation, motorists need a lot of patience as without that you may end up hitting people who are always passing without minding the cars. It’s high time the council should do something about the traffic lights because they have been out of use for some time,” said Ngalawa.

Moreover, a regular pedestrian who frequents the spot, Chimwemwe Ussi blames the motorists for not giving them space to cross as constantly there are cars passing.

“Every time am not sure whether the cars approaching from the two directions will give us a chance to cross and this gives me fear,” added Ussi.

Much as there are concerns from both pedestrians and motorists about the situation, BCC awaits the completion of construction works taking place adjacent to the street lights which will not be finishing any time soon.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA