Researcher appeals for use of traditional medicine

Blantyre: Malawi’s traditional and cultural researcher and promoter, Moya Aliya Malamusi, has appealed to Malawians to continue using traditional medicine (herbs), saying they are the best cure for various diseases.

Speaking Tuesday upon arrival at Chileka International Airport in Blantyre from a month long training in People’s Republic of China, Malamusi said the reason why many Chinese people are healthier and energetic was because they use herbs.

Malamusi went to the People’s Republic of China under Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Innovators’ awards.

He said for many years now, Malawians have ignored the importance of herbs and that more emphasis was on the use of artificial medicines.

We don’t need to forget our tradition. Our fore fathers were treated from different diseases using herbs and why is it that we are quick to forget our traditions, he wondered.

Malamusi said Malawians need to revive the old ways in as far as usage of herbs is concerned.

While in China, I visited several traditional healers and they are highly respected for the great work they are doing. There is a lot in herbs, he hinted.

Apart from the use of herbs, the Malawi- Australian based Arts and Culture Lecturer also observed deterioration of the country’s culture, saying multitudes continue to absorb the western living styles.

Copying of other cultures has done us injustice. We have completely forgotten what we are and there is nothing we can be proud of. We really need to change and bring back the lost glory, he said.

Meanwhile, Malamusi has promised to use the knowledge acquired from his trip in China to promote what he described as Malawi dying cultures.

I have new knowledge and skills and I will not allow our traditions to die just like that. I have the duty to revive everything that we were known for, but I will need support from everyone, he appealed.

The Chileka resident won the 2016 Malawi Broadcasting Achievers’ Awards under Arts and Culture Category for his keen interest in Malawi’s cultures.

He has been all over the world selling the country’s celebrated values and norms.

In a related development, another Innovations award winner, Kanduwa Sande, who also attended a month-long training in sports development, has promised to use his knowledge and skills gained from China in developing sports in the country.

In her comment, MBC Public Relations Officer, Chembezie Mhone said the institution believes in giving people the platform to showcase their talents and where possible, be rewarded for contributing to the country’s social economic development.

Mhone said it is the expectation of MBC that every person who has undergone training in China will be able to bring something and help in transforming the country.

We are very thankful to the Chinese Government for the support. We expect that when people go to China, the new knowledge and skills acquired will be passed on to others and through that, improve our country’s portfolio, she said.

So far, MBC has sent over 30 people to China to undergo different trainings

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA