Retrak donates computers to Chisomo Children’s Club

The establishment of a resource centre at Chisomo Children’s Club in Lilongwe will realise the organisations aim of bringing long term change in the lives of street children by giving them skills before they are reintegrated into the communities. This has been made possible with a donation of computers worth K31 million to the centre courtesy of Retrak.

Retrak is an international organisation based in Manchester, United Kingdom which reaches out to children who have been forgotten by their communities, children who have no one else to turn to. It provides a beginning to end approach for street children and the wider community by improving their lives by reintegrating them back into their families and communities.

Chisomo Children’s Club Executive Director, Charles Gwengwe welcomed the donation saying it will go a long way in giving the necessary computer skills to the children.

Retrak donated the computers through financial support from Barclays Bank who are their corporate partners.

Gwengwe said his organisation approached Retrak for a possible donation to the club after assessing needs at the resource centre.

After assessing our needs, we told Retrak about our problem at the resource centre and they linked with Barclays to raise funds for the procurement of the computers. We realised there was a gap to provide the training skills in terms of computers. As such this donation will make a huge difference in realisation of that dream, he said.

Retrak has not only donated the computers but will also be paying salaries for the computer teachers for a period of two years and thereafter the club will take over.

Gwengwe said the donation is timely as it comes at a time when the children are being prepared to go back to their communities with skills that they will be able to use and make a living out of it so that they don’t go back to the streets.

Ruth Blackhurst, a member of the Retrak team, said it was a good experience to help the club achieve its goal of assisting street children attain skills for their survival.

She said the donation was the best way to support the children so that they don’t stay in the streets.

Chisomo Children’s Club aims to bring about long-term change in the lives of girls and boys who are living and/or begging on the streets of Malawi.

It enables the children to have a hope and a future through developing their physical, spiritual, material, mental and emotional capacity, thus escaping dependency. It promotes justice, helping children to access their rights and understand their responsibilities.

Chisomo Children’s Club Resource centre was opened in 2015 to provide vocational training to street children rescued from various cities and towns.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA