SDA Church to hold celebrations on 8 September in Blantyre

Blantyre: Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) South Malawi Field has advised all political parties in the country not to politicise their first of its kind Conference status scheduled to be launched at Kamuzu Stadium on September 08, this year (2018).

The advice comes as the country is preparing for elections when political parties are busy mobilising people to register and vote for them in 2019. In the quest, the politicians have the tendency to utilise every platform available to woo the voters.

SDA South Malawi Field will hold its celebrations in September to mark their promotion from being South Malawi Field to South Malawi Conference by its headquarters in Washington DC (USA) through their Africa Office in Pretoria, South Africa.

Executive Secretary for South Malawi Field, Pastor Smart Chimwaza said although officially they have invited Dr. Pastor Solomon Maphosa from South Africa to be the guest of honour, all political party leaders have also been invited to attend the celebrations on condition that they would not politicize the celebrations because it is mainly a church activity not otherwise.

Actually, we thought of inviting them officially but we thought otherwise. If someone is a politician, we welcome him or her as a worshiper to this big event which will be the first of its kind, Chimwaza said.

According to Chimwaza, SDA South Malawi Field has been promoted to be a Conference because it has reached a point where it can source its own funds and disburse the same without referring to the leadership above. The entity will also be making its own decisions by attaining the new status.

SDA South Malawi Field has a membership of over 370, 000 baptised adults and time has come for us to take the gospel of Christ to the world with a bang without limitations, Chimwaza said.

He explained that there would be an anointing service at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) on September 6 prior to the celebration day on September 8.

The church official disclosed that besides South Malawi Field, North Malawi Field would also be holding such an event but at a later date because it has also been promoted alongside South Malawi Field.

Central Malawi Field has been the only Conference in Malawi since 2008 when it was promoted, according to Chimwaza. He said the promotion of both South Malawi and North Malawi Fields will bring great development to the church and Malawi in general.

However, he indicated that though the institutions have been promoted, they would still be reporting to their central office, the Malawi Union Conference, because of its central point.

Apart from spreading the gospel of Christ, SDA South Malawi Field is one of the key service providers in the country in health and education sectors. Soche Adventist Hospital and Soche Secondary School are some of its brain-child institutions.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA