SDA Pastors advised to drill its members on health issues

Mzuzu, : Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church Pastors have been advised to drill Church members on how best they can keep their lives healthy.

In an interview on the sidelines of Pastors and Health Leaders Seminar on health issues on Wednesday at Nyachenda Motel in Mzuzu, Director for Health Ministries in Central Malawi Conference, Nelson Msiska said Pastors have a role to help its members harmonize theological issues that are health related to ensure its members stay healthy.

He said the church base its teachings on the Bible, spirit of prophecy and scientifically proven findings on issues of health.

Thepastors are already doing ministerial work, so the information shared has added the scope of their work hence expect an improved approach and good collaboration with health ministry’s leaders Msiska explained.

The Director pointed out that the pastors are expected to help its members to study, teach and interpret the Bible and spirit of prophesy in an appropriate way so that they are able to refrain from any behavior which may lead them to contract diseases hence compromising their health.

Malawi Union Conference Health Ministries Director, Alfred Chitsa Banda said the department decided to conduct the seminars to pastors and health leadersto harmonize health messages and activities in the churches.

In the past, our emphasis was on health and temperance, we have changed our focus to comprehensive health ministries and this means meeting the needs of the people with love and compassion like Jesus did, he said.

Banda added that pastors and church health leaders are expected to implement the approach with zeal to make churches centres of health and healing, stop smoking and recovery ministries for those who are drug and alcoholic addictsand health mental issues.

The seminar drew pastors and health leaders from the Northern region and was funded by the Church.

Source: MANA Online