SDB Church Women drilled in Fistula and cancer

Lilongwe. The Seventh Day Baptist Church Chithangato women have taken advantage of their gathering during this year’s national women conference converging in Lilongwe to drill the women on health care and family life issues apart from holding prayers.

The National conference which happens every three years has invited women from all the regions of Malawi and is scheduled to take the whole week starting from last Sunday 5th August to 11th August 2018. The theme for this year’s conference is Lord knows those that are his.

The Church thought of incorporating prayers with lessons on health and family life issues affecting more women in Malawi taking advantage of the huge gathering.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) Director for SDB church women, Joyce Mangame said the conference will benefit a large number of women since apart from the prayers they will get lessons on fistula and cancer issues.

We invited the hospital personnel to give us lessons after seeing that a good number of people are facing these problems in their day to day lives and that we need to take action as the future of this country is in their hands.

Women are the ones who take care of their families and if they are living unhealthy life their spiritual life is also affected hence the coming up with the program, Mangame said.

Mangame hopes that with the women who have come from all corners of the country being sensitized on the critical health and family issues the message will go far and wide thereby benefiting more communities even those that did not make it to the conference.

We have appealed to the women to share the knowledge they will have acquired to their friends and everyone who did not make it here, so that everyone should have health life and be productive to the nation, she said.

In a separate interview, the facilitator of the conference who is also a Nurse /Midwife officer at Salima District Hospital, Veronica Mankhanamba said there are so many health related issues that women are facing out there some of which are cervical cancer and fistula.

She said the bringing in of the health lessons was a right decision noting that when the women go back home they will start living healthily and inspire their communities.

Cancer is affecting a lot of women, 17 out of 100 women are unaware that they are having cancer and numbers are increasing everyday which is life threatening.

These problems need to be addressed to save lives of more women by bringing them to an end if possible rather than just reducing them, Mankhanamba said.

Mankhanamba advised the women and girls who have reached child bearing age to go for screening saying this is the only way they can be double sure that they are not having the disease.

We should not wait for us to be sick, let us wake up and go for screening and not wait for something strange to happen to our body and then we rush to hospital. Once detected earlier, cancer is curable.

For the girls, let us encourage them to go to school and discourage them from getting married earlier, as getting married early, may result into them getting fistula, she said.

One of the participants, who is also a member of the Church, Esther Ganunga said this year’s conference is beneficial to them as they have also benefited from health life issues.

The conference has been very beneficial to me and my friends; my life will never be the same and I will extend the information that I have benefited to my friends who did not make it here, Ganunga said.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA

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