Senior Chief Mtwalo challenges political aspirants to help in community development projects

Mzuzu, : Senior Chief Mtwalo of Mzimba has asked people vying for local government and parliamentary seats in Mzimba North East to start initiating community development projects in order for them to demonstrate to the electorate that they are development conscious.

The Senior Chief was speaking on Wednesday at Enyezini Community Day Secondary School when Plan International Malawi handed over a multi-million-kwacha girl’s hostel to the school recently.

He said time has come for candidates vying for various seats in this year’s May 21 tripartite elections to come and show people of the constituency how ready they are to lead in spearheading development in the area.

Candidates should take a leading role in some development initiatives as an assurance to people to be convinced that they will be choosing leaders who have development projects in their minds.

We need these candidates to come forward and help developing communities in this area as they have already shown interest as far as development is concern, Mtwalo added.

He said this in reference to the leading role that communities around Enyezini CDSS took in the construction of the girls’ hostel.

Most communities here do not have financial resources rather they worked tirelessly on our own contributing in the construction of this hostel.

They showed that they really want such a facility and this is why I am pleading to political aspirants to help such communities, Mtwalo expalined.

Member of Parliament for the constituency, Olipa Muyaba said on her part, she is already leading in the development agenda of the constituency and cited construction of the hostel at the school as one of the many projects she fought hard to come to the area.

To begin with, I was one of the leading stakeholders who convinced Plan International Malawi to consider constructing this hostel at Enyezini CDSS despite the school not being in the organization’s project area, she said.

Source: MANA Online