Seychelles Postal Services unveils new customer care service, SMS booking service and souvenir shop

The Seychelles Postal Services has launched new services in line with its modernization programme to keep up with customer demands.

The post office on Saturday opened its new Customer Care Centre for comments and suggestions, and a Philatelic Souvenir & Gift Shop. And to better manage the increasing amount of parcels and packages that the Seychelles Postal Services deal with, a new SMS booking service for the collection of parcels was launched.

The new developments at the Seychelles Postal Services and those to come later will ensure continuity to improve the delivery of services to the public. For the past months the post office had to deal with many complaints from the public regarding delays in receiving their items, said the chief executive of the services, Errol Dias.

Alex Etienne, the Deputy Chief Executive, explained the changes happening will benefit both clients and staff of Seychelles Postal Services.

For instance, the Customer Service Centre will give us the opportunity to better understand the expectation of clients and thus help us to deliver a better service.

Etienne added that with an advanced digital and technical world, expectations grow and the post office has to adapt itself to meet those expectations.

We will be offering a parcel management system where clients will get updated track details of their incoming parcels. This system will work parallel with a new booking system, with number 9646 via the SMS, for clients to collect their parcels, explained Etienne.

This will help to reduce the amount of time people have to wait in long queues for their small packets and parcels.

The Philatelic Souvenir & Gift Shop is located in an area which is more spacious and now offers a wider range of items for sale. The opening of the shop is in preparation for the revamping of the website, where through its e-commerce service, clients will be able to purchase products from the gift shop online.

Available for purchase in the new shop is a wide variety of artefacts made in Seychelles � 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean – including paintings by local artists, postcards, Orizinal Kreol branded goods as well as the endemic coco de mer.

During Saturday’s event, the newly recruited community representatives were introduced. They will be assisting the Seychelles Postal Services to deliver mails within their communities.

I work half day with the district authority and I saw the opportunity as part-time with the post office as the chance to earn additional income, Anne Henriette told SNA.

Henriette � a resident of the western district of Port Glaud � added ”that this is another way to keep fit, as the former sportswoman is no longer actively engaged in sports.

The community representative from the eastern district of Roche Caiman, Carol Dubel, said that she decided to join the post office as she knows her community.

Staff of the post office often comes to the district administration office to get directions. And most of the time I get to deliver letters that the postal workers do not know where the recipients live. So now it is a matter of formalizing what I was already doing, said Dubel.

Source: Seychelles News Agency