Social Welfare bemoans deteriorating welfare of women and children in Zomba

Zomba District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO) has expressed concerns on the current deteriorating welfare standards of women and children in the district saying there is need for government and stakeholders to put in more resources and strengthen coordination if progress is to be made.

In an interview with the Malawi News Agency (MANA) Thursday, Zomba DSWO, Joseph Kalelo said women and children are now more than ever faced with a lot of challenges despite interventions by government and stakeholders.

“Things are worsening. Women and children are suffering from many abuses and the cases are on the rise. Challenges in the district range from gender based violence, defilement, child neglect, high school dropout and divorce rate, hunger and malnutrition, to mention but a few.

“Although we have counter interventions, we are not making the much needed progress. This is because there is lack of resources and coordination between stakeholders in the district to help the many vulnerable women and children,” said Kalelo.

He said this is costing the district and the country at large a fortune in the fight to improve the welfare of women and children.

“Lack of coordination is negatively impacting us as stakeholders are targeting the same areas or the same people while others are being sidelined. This could not have been so if there was coordination between stakeholders and government.

“In adding we have limited resources which are also worsening the situation of women and children here. We have not been able to fully reach out to the many women and children in need of our help,” he added.

He also appealed to communities and authorities to take it seriously and report issues associated with abuse of women and children saying it is a fight for everyone.

Kalelo then disclosed that his office and other stakeholders are working hand in hand to help improve the welfare of women and children through various interventions like social cash transfer, advocacy, and sensitization but stressed the importance of community participation and coordination.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA.