South Africa election: ANC set for reduced majority

PRETORIA, The governing African National Congress (ANC) is expected to be returned to office in South Africa’s parliamentary election, but with a reduced majority.

With almost 76% of district results declared, the ANC has won 57% of the ballot, well ahead of the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) on 22%.

The ANC, which has been in power since 1994, won 62% of the vote at the last general election in 2014.

The radical Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), is in third place with 10%, based on the official early results.

Turnout was about 65% in the twin parliamentary and provincial elections � a drop compared to the 73% registered five years ago.

Full results are due on Saturday.

This has been a bad election for the opposition Democratic Alliance which lost votes, and failed to capitalise on the government’s mistakes.

Votes are cast for parties, with seats in the 400-member National Assembly allocated according to the share of the vote gained by each party.

These MPs then elect a president.

Source: Nam News Network