Chaos has yet again erupted in South Africa, as the fight for university fee hikes continues.

Following the government’s announcement on Monday that universities should decide on their own on how much they will increase the fees next year, capping the maximum possible increase at eight percent, students went on a rampage.

One of the universities, the Witwatersrand, which almost a year ago led the “FeesMustFall campaign has called for nationwide shut down of universities, saying students do not want an increase at all

“The fees are ridiculously high,” said one Wits University student. “Action must be taken by providing free education for all.”

The fee increment is a serious issue to us as South African students. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are here to make a better future for ourselves and our families,” he said.

Wits University, the University of Pretoria and University of Cape Town staged protests on Monday in a bid to mobilize other universities.

Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande meanwhile assured students from poor families that they would be given assistance, but there still seems to be a bit of skepticism.

Twitter was inundated with tweets similar to those of October 2015 when the #FeesMustFallCampaign gained momentum.

Studies showed that tertiary education and boarding prices in South Africa rose significantly faster than other prices in the economy across all seven years, in some cases more than double the rate of inflation.