The Department of Health of South Africa’s Gauteng Province has welcomed the arrival of 25 medical specialists from Cuba, say their deployment will help reduce the pressure and strengthen primary health care in the country.

The department welcomed the medical specialists from Cuba at an induction ceremony in Johannesburg last Friday with the Member of the Executive Council for Health, Qedani Mahlangu, saying they would work in the country for at least three years.

The health care sector is experiencing a shortage of medical professionals as a large number of them have migrated abroad for better salaries and working conditions.

“We are really keen to see the medical specialist on the ground running because we know Cuba’s health outcomes are much better than many developed countries and that is official on the WHO (World Health Organization) documentation,” said Mahlangu.

“Therefore, we believe that we have brought the best who are going to complement the work that is being done by all South African doctors and nurses. We have another 30 arriving end of July, so in total there will be 55 Cuban doctors who would have come to South Africa.”

Source: Nam News Network