South Zone confiscates 1,600 charcoal bags, impounds 4 Vehicles

The South Zone Forest Office confiscated a total of 1,622 charcoal bags between November and December last year in its bid to address high levels of environmental degradation.

The Malawi News Agency (MANA) established the development during an interview with South Zone Forestry Enforcement Officer, Irate James Mlonda on Wednesday who disclosed that his office conducted 138 patrols during the stated period where 1,622 charcoal bags of charcoal bags and 272 planks were confiscated.

Four vehicles were also impounded in the process.

The South Zone Forestry Office which consists of 17 stations; 9 of which are district forestry offices; 7 government plantations and 1 Zonal Office is so committed to reclaiming the region’s lost glory of being evergreen hence these routine exercises to preserve our environment, he said.

According to Mlonda, the patrols between November and December last year, were done in conjunction with several stakeholders who played an important role in ensuring that the charcoal bags and planks were seized.

Currently, the office plans to conduct civic education campaigns sensitizing the public on the importance of conserving the environment and the need to plant more trees and not cut them.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA