SRBMP hands over Msosa Market to Machinga District Council

Machinga, Shire River Basin Management Programme (SRBMP) through Mitondo Construction Company on Wednesday handed over the newly-built Msosa Market to Machinga District Council as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

The new market is expected to enhance economic activities for people of Masi, Msosa, Jemusi, Mitambo, Muhara, Samson and Chingale villages in Traditional Authority Nkula in the district.

Chairperson of Msosa Market, Zakeyu Chikopa said the new market would offer a number of opportunities to people who have been plying their trade at the market.

We will now be able to sell our commodities all times even when it is raining because the new market has been roofed.

It has enough space such that more traders will be accommodated, including butcheries, Chikopa said.

He, therefore, commended government for considering Msosa Trading Centre as one of the areas to benefit from rural growth centre programme.

This area has also benefited from Malawi Rural Electrification Programme which has led to improvement of livelihoods of people in rural areas.

Many are now running businesses like barbershops and salons because of availability of electricity, he added.

Chikopa also thanked SRBMP for constructing Chamba � Malembo Road, saying the road has promoted trade in the area. He pledged the market executive committee would ensure that all the business community complied with rules governing operations of the facility.

Contractor for Mitondo Construction Company, MacDonald Mtuwana said he was happy with the good workmanship achieved through cooperation between the company and the community.

Mtuwana said the company constructed the market within a specified time frame because communities provided the necessary support to the project.

It is our expectation that you will continue taking good care of the market just like the support you have been giving us during construction stage, he said.

Machinga District Council representative, Dan Sambakunsi urged the business community at the market to pay market fees to the council.

All of us should remember that market fee is used for improvement of service delivery. The council uses the same money to pay utility bills such as water and electricity, Sambakunsi said.

He then commended SRBMP for supporting the council with social amenities such as schools, health centres and markets. SRBMP has also renovated a barrage and constructed a new Kamuzu Bridge in Liwonde.

In his remarks, Traditional Authority Nkula advised his subjects against interfering with the duties of the district council staff, especially during market fee collection.

No one should be involved in collection of market fee because it is only district council employees that have that mandate, the chief advised.

Machinga has 23 markets and Liwonde is the highest graded trading centre, according to the district’s social economic profile of 2017-2022.

Source: MANA Online