Start exploring gas and other minerals

Blantyre, Minister of Natural Resources Energy and Mining, Binton Kutsaira has asked management at National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) to develop interest and start exploring gas and every other minerals available in the country.

Speaking during a familiarisation tour of a fuel depot in Matindi, Blantyre, the Minister said time has come for the fuel company to be proactive and start to take part in all mineral activities taking place in the country.

In other countries national fuel companies are the ones on the forefront exploring mineral resources and why should that no be the case here. Let us not wait for foreign companies to do the work for us, we can do it ourselves, he said.

The Minister added, Let me mention that the good thing with our companies exploring our resources is that all the money realised would remain right here and it is Malawians who will benefit directly.

Kutsaira said Nocma as a Malawian company has a huge responsibility and apart from importing, storing and managing fuel, it also has to find other sources of energy that would keep the country in a better position.

We have gas, fuel and other minerals please start exploring such for the benefit of the country. There is a lot that you can do in the energy sector so move out of your comfort zones and think beyond as well as act beyond, he said.

Apart from exploration, the Minister asked the oil company to start keeping jet fuel saying that too was crucial for the economy of the country.

Director of Operations for Nocma, Micklas Reuben said the company would consider the idea and look at how best that could be done.

He said most oil companies in the world are involved in oil, gas and mineral exploration and the suggestion was valid.

That’s an area that we never thought of but we are now reminded to consider that. As Nocma we have the capacity to do all mineral explorations and for sure need to seriously think about it, Rueben said.

Malawi is a country blessed with various mineral resources such as fuel, coal and bauxite.

If explored and put to good use, the country has high chances to develop further.

Source: MANA Online