Support staff resume work at Lilongwe court registry

Lilongwe, Members of judiciary support staff at Lilongwe Court registry resumed work on Friday following the cancelation of their three-week strike.

The striking staff was demanding the introduction of house allowances to their salaries.

When Malawi News Agency (Mana) visited the registry, some of the support staff were seen cleaning up facilities at the courts which had gathered dust after being left unattended during the striking period.

However, the court chambers did not open for public use on the day. Magistrates and other senior staff are expected to access the structures for work on Monday when the courts open for public use.

The support staff was expected to resume work on Thursday but failed to do so because they demanding clarification on some issues from their union. On the day, some lawyers who tried to access the courts were sent back.

Addressing the press on Thursday, spokesperson for Judiciary Support Staff Andy Haliwa said the striking staff wanted clarification from the union leadership on some issues that needed to be addressed before work could resume.

During the strike, magistrates were forced to hear cases at premises like Lilongwe Police Station to ensure continuity of work.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA