Sustainable supply of quality water and sanitation services for all

Government says it recognizes the importance of water and sanitation services to the overall socio-economic development of Africa.

Minister of Agriculture Irrigation and Water, George Chaponda said this in Lilongwe Monday when opened the 75th African Water Association (AFWA) Conference.

He said African governments need to strive in order to influence the direction of the water and Sanitation sector policies in their countries.

“I am confident that this conference which brings together water professionals from the policy makers, utility organizations academia researchers, suppliers and many others, would not only benefit Malawi but Africa as a whole,” Chaponda said.

He observed that water resource is becoming one of the scarcest resources globally hence its importance to mankind can never be over emphasized.

Chaponda pointed out that the gathering is an opportunity for peer learning for the African water utilities to improve performance of the water sector where Malawi government is implementing Public Reforms which includes delivery of water supply services.

He added that climate change and sustainable water supply is one of the challenges that the water and sanitation sector is currently facing globally.

“We would want to see AFWA playing a fundamental role in the provision of drinking water and sanitation services in Africa and at global level,” the minister said.

Chaponda urged the delegates to explore ways that could sustain the water supply regardless of the threats being brought about by climate change.

He reassured the delegates that Malawi government is taking keen interest in the water issues especially considering the importance of water to mankind and the need to protect the resources.

AFWA President Olivier Gosso said the organisation is doing everything possible to make sure that the water supply and sanitation challenges are addressed in the continent.

He explained that the conference need to come up with solutions that would improve and develop water supply and sanitation services to the climate change challenges.

President of water association of Malawi who is also Lilongwe Water board Chief Executive Officer, Alfonso Chikuni said the conference would come up with solutions and innovations that could help the continent to deal with the challenges.

He thanked the Malawi government and various African governments for their continued support in the water and sanitation sector.

The conference is for five days and has drawn participants from across Africa.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA.