T.A. Mwamlowe loses hope in recovering dead bodies of missing people

Mzuzu, Traditional Authority Mwamlowe of Rumphi District has expressed doubt that Malawi Defence Force (MDF) and Malawi Police Service (MPS) will recover bodies of the five people feared dead when floods swept houses and property at Tcharo a fortnight ago.

The five are feared to be hidden under debris following a heavy down pour which later caused floods and claimed three lives and injured eight others who are in hospital for treatment.

After the incident, government deployed MDF and MPS officers on search and rescue mission to recover the missing five.

Two weeks down the line, T.A. Mwamlowe says it is likely that no anybody will be found, saying the officers’ efforts are not achieving anything.

There is completely nothing happening on the ground since these people went missing. There are no any efforts being done to search under debris.

The only last time we saw these officials doing something was in the very first days shortly after this incident happened but since then, there are little efforts being done, said Mwamlowe.

The traditional leader further explained that sub Traditional Authority Chapinduka from the area and his subjects have also lost hope that dead bodies of the missing people will be recovered.

But in a separate interview later, Minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi asked people in the area to remain patient as government, through the two state organs (MDF and MPS), is doing everything to help solve the situation in the area.

For now, people should remain calm as the MDF and MPS officers are working round the clock to recover the feared-dead bodies.

We believe that after these search missions, something tangible will come out and only at that particular time, as government, we will come out and make a statement to the public on the same, but now all our efforts are being done by the two security forces, said Dausi.

In 2017, the combined efforts by the two state organs failed to recover bodies of some Church of Central African Presbytery (CCAP) members who had their boat capsized around the same area.

Source: MANA Online