Tanzania Bishop preaches peace, unity and respect for leadership

The President of Evangelistic Assemblies of God Church International, Arc Bishop Reverend Dr. Brown Mwakipesile has urged followers of his church in Malawi to complement government’s efforts in finding lasting solutions to socioeconomic challenges that frustrate people’s commitment to earnestly exalt the Almighty God.

The Arc Bishop Mwakipesile made the call Sunday when he presided over ordination of 26 reverends who have just graduated from a three year training in Theology, held at the Church’s Fort Hill Bible College, at Chitipa Boma.

Mwakipesile emphasized that much as the role of the reverends will be to provide spiritual needs to the people, they should also shoulder an obligation of ensuring that their followers are not deprived of the needs which promote their physical well-being.

The Arc Bishop said the church will not achieve its objectives of driving man kind away from Sin if it is working in isolation, adding that a human being requires both spiritual and physical needs to live a complete and normal life.

He then appealed to reverends to refrain from meddling in politics but to always support development programmes implemented by government which intend to improve people’s lives so that they can serve their God better.

Said Mwakipesile, People who have no access to social amenities and are subjected to miserable life, will not appreciate that, indeed, God is love and has to be glorified,

Besides supporting government development programmes, the Arc Bishop also asked the reverends to work towards promoting peace and unity among church followers in their assigned congregations, which he said, was key for the growth of the church in Chitipa District and beyond.

The President also charged the newly ordained reverends with a task of instilling in members of the church a culture of respecting leadership at all levels.

Mwakipesile said no leader crowns himself but a leader is ordained by God and some one who disapproves this arrangement is attracting wrath from the creator.

He quoted Romans Chapter 13, verses 1-5 of the Holy Bible which reads, Let every soul be subjected to the higher powers. For there is no power but of God, the powers that be, are ordained by God. Whosoever resists the powers, resists the ordinance of God. And they that resist shall receive themselves damnation.

And Arc Bishop for Evangelistic Assemblies of God Mission in Malawi, Arc Bishop Silence Mtambo thanked the graduates for their commitment to finish their three years period of studies amid challenges which could have forced some of them to drop out.

I commend the reverends for their special commitment and determination to successfully finish their training which has built capacity in them to effectively spread the Gospel of Christ in order to bring salvation to church followers, said Mtambo

According to Arc Bishop Mtambo, the reverends have graduated with a Diploma in Theology from Southern Highland Bible College in Mbeya, Tanzania, with full scholarship from the church.

During the ordination of the 26 reverends, Arc Bishop Mwakipesile also inaugurated Fort Hill Bible College at Chitipa Boma, which Mtambo said will alleviate challenges the church used to face to train its reverends in a foreign country.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA