Traditional leader hails government for relief assistance

Blantyre, Traditional Authority (TA) Makata of Blantyre has commended President Mutharika for helping his subjects with the provision of relief food assistance which has served them.

Speaking to Malawi New Agency (Mana) Monday in Blantyre, the Chief said many of his subjects did not harvest enough in the 2016/17 agricultural season as rains stopped before the crops had matured.

Despite the good rains, army worms affected yield for this year. Many did not harvest as expected and this was a worrisome situation, TA Makata said.

I am thankful to the President who, having seen that many people have not produced enough yield and that there would be a possible famine, issued a directive for relief assistance which has saved many lives, he added.

The traditional leader appealed for more support to help out families which may face food shortages.

In the next three or four months, people may run out of food and we would like to ask the government to continue with its support, the chief asked.

President Mutharika has repeatedly that under his leadership no one would die of hunger or go to bed on an empty stomach.

Mutharika said Government has purchased enough maize which will be given to the needy and starving families.

Maize, cooking oil and beans are some of the items that people in the area and many parts of the country received.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA