UNICAF offers full scholarship to overall MISA- Media award winner

Lilongwe, UNICAF University of Malawi (UUM) has offered a Masters scholarship to the 2019 overall winner of Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)-Malawi annual media awards as part of a three-year agreement between MISA-Malawi and UUM.

This year’s overall winner is Albert Sharra who, in addition to winning education and paediatric journalist of the year, was also the overall winner of the awards.

With the sponsorship, Sharra is supposed to study with UNICAF a course of his choice.

MISA-Malawi signed the agreement with UNICAF University on January 15, 2018 for the latter to award sponsorship to some media practitioners for three consecutive years starting 2018.

The sponsorship is under UNICAF’s corporate scholarship scheme and a way of appreciating the positive impact of media in Malawi, according to UNICAF’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr Robert Ridley.

Ridley commended MISA- Malawi for creating an opportunity for media diversity and independence in Malawi.

As UNICAF University, we will continue to contribute towards the professionalism of journalists in Malawi and we will encourage other sponsors of the MISA- Malawi annual event to continue supporting journalists so that we can join hands in building a better Malawi, he said.

On her part, MISA-Malawi Chairperson, Teresa Ndanga commended UNICAF University for being among the organisations that contribute towards the development of journalism profession in Malawi.

Providers of good tertiary education play a major role in contributing to the professionalism of journalists, Ndanga said.

Albert Sharra, the sponsorship beneficiary, told Malawi News Agency the scholarship award had uplifted the value of MISA awards event on World Press Freedom Day, considering that it is not easy to get a local scholarship in Malawi.

I am an academician and I understand why such awards should be taken seriously and put to optimum use to increase the number of masters’ degree holders in the Malawi media, Sharra said.

This year’s World Press Freedom Day was held in Mzuzu under the theme ‘Media for Democracy, Journalism and elections in times of Disinformation.’ The theme focused on promoting media diversity, pluralism, self-sufficiency and independence.

In 2018 Rebecca Chimjeka of BNL Times also received the overall winner award from the UNICAF University Malawi.

Source: MANA Online