UNICAF University moves in to reward outstanding journalists


Lilongwe, In a quest to motivate media practitioners in the country, UNICAF University has pledged to partner with Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA) in the awarding of winning journalists for the next three years.

Speaking after signing a memorandum of understanding at the university’s campus in Lilongwe on Monday, the two parties said the agreement was meant to promote the journalism profession.

The university’s Chancellor Professor Joseph Kuthemba Mwale said apart from taking the awards as a measure of journalistic excellence in the media sector, the college wants to develop individual journalistic skills.

This relationship will help both sides because the institution will get awareness [for the partnership] and will create more opportunities to individual journalists who will be offered scholarships at three levels of Bachelors, Master and Doctorate degrees.

The winning journalists will get the knowledge while the college will get the money which the winner must claim for scholarship within twelve months or it will be frozen, Mwale said.

UNICAF has been in the country for two years now and is in 156 countries worldwide, according to the Chancellor who said a winning journalist will choose to study at any branch in the world.

Since we do not have journalism course here in Malawi, one can learn elsewhere in our sister branches as our plans to offer this programme here hatches out soon due to public demand, he added.

MISA Malawi Chairperson, Tereza Ndanga hailed the college management and called upon other higher learning institutions and organizations to emulate UNICAF’s gesture.

We feel this award will spur the industry to grow and be more effective.

The introduction of the scholarship for the ‘Overall Winner’ will, not only inspire journalists to be professional, but also motivate the sector in general to strive for excellence.

The chapter is therefore calling upon all paid up members to utilize this opportunity and demonstrate their ability to write accurate and informative articles, Ndanga hinted.

She described the new partnership very important, saying it will give the chance to the winning journalist to study in a wide range of academic fields according to their choice. This, Ndanga said, would broaden their understanding of the media discipline.

MISA awards is an annual event held on 3rd May, the world’s Press Freedom Day.

UNICAF Malawi offers Bachelors in Computer Sciences, Business Administration, Hospitality Management, and Masters in Organizational Psychology, Education and Business Administration, and doctorate degrees in Administration, Philosophy and Education.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA