Unicef donates 500 bicycles for community policing groups

Lilongwe, As one way of promoting safety and security in the country,United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Tuesday donated 500 bicycles towards promotion of community policing forums.

Inspector General of the Malawi Police, Lexten Kachama said the bicycles which UNICEF has donated would assist the police together with members of community policing forums to restrain issues against gender biased violence and crime.

Kachama made the remarks during the handover ceremony of the bicycles at Police Headquarters in Lilongwe.

He said: This is a very significant donation to the Malawi Police Service and the nation in a way that it will bring an impact in reducing gender based violence and also violence against children.

The donation will also assist in the general crime management in the country both in the city and rural areas.

He further highlighted the donation to have come at the right moment where need to respond to violence against women and children was winning in the country.

Concurring with the Inspector General, UNICEF’s Country Representative, Johannes Wedeing said it was their desire to provide safety to victims of gender based violence and children in the country.

Our contribution was to equip those that work at community level with mobilities so that they are able to discharge their duties with ease, said Wedeing.

The community Policing Services Branch was introduced under the Malawi Police Service Act in 2010 with the strategic aim of promoting safety and security through enhanced partnership with the community and all stakeholders.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA