Vendors Complain about Poor Hygiene in Limbe Flea Market

Limbe flea market vendors have complained about the deteriorating hygiene conditions at the market which they have attributed to a delay by Blantyre City Council (BCC) to open its newly constructed toilets.

Chairman for the vendors at market, Jelles Damiano said in an interview with the Malawi News Agency (MANA) Thursday that the situation is getting out of hand to the extent that both buyers and the vendors are using the rejected flea market as a place to urinate and defecate.

“As you can see there is urine and human stools on each and every floor of these structures and even the smell when you get here is unbearable,” he said.

Damiano said he feared that if the situation is not rectified in time a possibility of unhygienic related outbreak is imminent.

“It’s not that there are no toilets but the problem is that the Blantyre city council is taking too long to open its newly constructed toilets,” he said.

“In additional to that the city authorities want to privatize these toilets but you know their procedure always takes time to materialize,” Damiano added.

Blantyre City Council public relations officer, Anthony Kasunda was quoted in the papers as confirming that the toilets will indeed be privatized once they are completed.

“Once these toilets have been renovated or constructed, they will be handed over to private entrepreneurs through an open bidding process,” he is quoted as saying.

“Experience has shown that public toilets are easily vandalized, so the council will enter into sanitation service agreements with private entrepreneurs to ensure that the agreed service level will be adhered to and that there will be no compromise,” continued Kasunda.

Meanwhile lack of enough guards at Limbe flea Market is making people to continue urinating on the floors of the facility, as one female guard from BCC is often challenged by drunkards.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA