Vice President Chilima launches Malawi Institute of Supply Act

Vice president Dr Saulos Chilima Thursday described the launch of Malawi Institute of Procurement and Supply (MIPS) Act as a milestone and genesis for a great future for the country and the profession.

Making the remarks in Lilongwe, Chilima said in order to achieve its aims and objectives, the leadership of the Institute and its members have a role to play to ensure smooth execution of the Act.

“On our part as government, our role is to support implementation through political will. Government will provide all the necessary support for the Institute to operate independently without political in interference.

“When we talk of political interference there is also what we call Reverse Political Interference; this is when you professionals try as much as possible to make yourself political by aligning with politicians, forcing them to do something wrong so that you benefit, this has to stop,” explained Chilima.

The VP appealed to procurement professionals to do their Job without wearing any political colors and to always think of the 17 million Malawians that they are serving as they deserve better and owe it to them.

He also called attention to the fact that the launched Act is part of new solutions in ensuring that there is transparent and credible procurement process in both public and private sector.

“The MIPS Act, is critically important for the sole reason that the Act will ensure that goods and services for government ministries, departments and agencies and the private sector to be procured by qualified and ethical professionals regulated by a professional body established by law” highlighted Chilima.

MIPS president Edington Chilapondwa concurred with Chilima’s remarks saying the Public Procurement (PPA) Act of 2003 and MIPS Act of 2016 will enforce each other to ensure quality assurance and control in procurement processes to obviate recurrence of misconduct like cashgate.

Chilapondwa described the importance of having a legally and ethically managed procurement, as a catalyst for national economy and significant in saving resources for the nation because a corrupt or failed procurement system denies innocent citizen of access to essential public infrastructure which is platform for health and economic growth of a nation.

“Good procurement process supports national agenda on sustainable development, it is better placed to provide checks in the supply and market and deter issues of child labour and unfriendly environment practices while on the other hand stimulates national policy-initiatives on positive discrimination,” said Chilapondwa.

The MIPS Act of 2016 make provisions for the establishment of MIPS, which will be run by a secretariat and overseen by a board of Directors, providing license to practice to ensure that procurement in private and public institutions be undertaken by professionals who will be required to meet minimum ethical and professional standards.

Accreditation of training institutions and providing mandatory membership to employees who carry out procurement and supply chain functions in both private and public sectors.

According to Chilapondwa the MIPS Act of 2016, is effective from 1st June 2016.

Source: Malawi News Agency